December 2004 in Iraq - History

December 2004 in Iraq - History

December 2004 in Iraq
US Casualties

December 12th Ten US soldiers were killed, nine of them marines killed in operations in Al Anbar Province

December 21st An explosion rocks a US base in Mosul killing 22 including 18 Americans.

December 27th A large explosion caused by a suicide car bomber took place in front of the offices of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution of Iraq one of the largest Shite parties. The attack killed 9 and wounded 67.

December 29th- US troops and warplanes killed 25 insurgents who tried to overrurn a US base in Mosul. One American soldier was killed and another 15 were wounded. On the same day 32 Iraqis including seven police officers werer killed when a bomb went off in the Ghaziliya district of Baghdad.

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